I often peruse Zillow listings for ideas on how to improve my photography. During these visits I learn a lot about how to get better angles or lighting, but I also notice how many images are in poor quality. Taking images of your listings with your cell phone may not be ideal, but sometimes it may be your only option. Here are 5 things you can do to improve you cell phone images.

  1. GET LOW: Lower your phone height to around 4 feet. For a taller man this may be well below your chest height! Including more floor than ceiling helps the room to look larger
  2. 3rd WALL RULE: Stand in the corner or in the middle of the shortest wall in the room and make sure you are capturing 3 walls in the image. This give the room more depth and helps to include all the features of the room
  3. GET WIDE: Invest in an inexpensive wide angle lens that fits over your cell phone's camera. It's a great alternative to an expensive camera and WAY better than using a small "point and shoot" camera. PRO TIP: clean the lenses before every use.
  4. GET PARALLEL: Angle the phone so that you have parallel vertical lines in the image. OR get a post-processing app like Lightroom Mobile and learn how to use the Upright Transformation toolkit.
  5. CAPTURE LAYOUT: Agents tell me all the time that they would like me to capture layout, but they don't really know how to do that on their own. Basically all that means is to include as many doorways as you can see. Shoot down hallways at an angle and shoot the hall bathroom WITH the kitchen in the picture as well.