"AS IS" - $75

  • Under 1500 sqft
  • 20-40 images
  • Shot "AS IS" (No De-cluttering)

UNDER 3000 sqft - $100

  • 40-70 photos showcasing your listing's best side
  • Light de-cluttering

OVER 3000 sqft - $125

  • 70+ photos for the larger home
  • Light de-cluttering

AERIAL - $25

  • 5-10 photos showcasing the surroundings
  • $25 for any size home

VIDEO $50 - $75

  • 2-5 Minute smooth video showcasing layout of the home
  • Up to 3000 sqft - $50
  • 3000+ sqft - $75
  • View an Example


  • Up to 3000 sqft - $200
  • 3000 - 5000 sqft - $250
  • 5000+ sqft - $300


  • Lights on, blinds up
  • Session time starts at sunset


Travel Fee

My service area is central Richmond and Chesterfield County but I am happy to travel outside the area. Please reference the map below.

Turn Around Time

Edited photos are typically delivered by the end of the day, however, properties shot after 3pm may need to be delivered the following day. This is so I can have dinner with my family. Thank you for understanding.

Session Time

Properties under 3000 sqft typically take one hour, and properties over 3000 sqft typically take one and a half hours. (Matterport takes about 1 extra hour)

To best utilize our time, have the property staged to your liking. If the home's condition causes the appointment to exceed the time allotted, we may need to schedule a re-visit to finish up. ($50) Please read my policies here.


I'm all set up to use the new Sentri-Lock system. Use the email to give me 1 day access.

Head Shots / Promotional Videos with Audio

Currently, I only offer head shots as a courtesy to the agents that currently use me as their new listing photographer. At this time I do not offer agent promotional videos with audio. Maybe one day I'll learn how to work in spoken audio to my videos, but for now I can only do "music video" style movies. It has taken me a long time to realize that "jack of all trades" is not my desired job title.