Decluttering your home is the single best thing you can do to help sell your home, but in addition here are 7 things you can do to get your home ready for pictures.

  1. CLUTTER: If you have clutter in every room, simply move ALL it to the laundry room or a small bedroom. Many homeowners think that moving the clutter from room to room is a good strategy, but it's less work overall to first shoot the house minus the clutter room, and then move the clutter out of that room. This is ESPECIALLY important when you are having a walk-through video or Matterport done as well.
  2. WINDOWS: Raise or open the blinds, especially if you have a good view. PRO TIP: If you have rime, remove the screens from the windows, and give the windows a good clean.
  3. FRIDGE: Remove everything from the top of the fridge, and the magnets/paper from the front and sides. It's an often overlooked detail, but makes a huge difference.
  4. FANS: Remove any portable fans from the space and TURN OFF all the ceiling fans. Portable fans plant the seed that the home is not comfortable, and ceiling fans look funky in pictures when they are spinning.
  5. LIGHTS: Turn on all the lights. I typically turn lights on and off and decide which is a better look for your home, but I'm faster if the light are already all on.
  6. CURB APPEAL: Tidy up the hose, and move those cars from the driveway.
  7. YOU: On your photography appointment day, try to stay away from the photographer. Stay on another floor, or even better, go grab a chat with a neighbor or go out to lunch. You will be happier with the pictures if you let your photographer have the space they need to get the best shots.